UDAI (Working together works) is a Non-Profit Charitable Trust established on 4th March 2013, which works for children and young adults with Special Needs. We build Hope, Strength, Joy and encourage our students & their families to Understand, Accept and Celebrate Being Different.

VISION:- We envision a world where there is Acceptance of the Able, not the label and these Special people get opportunities for survival, development, participation, and being self-reliant.

Mission Statement:- To rise above the challenges, focus on possibilities, restructure the abilities and create an equal & inclusive society for all.

Our approach includes early intervention, therapy, educational services, psychological and vocational courses. We have qualified, trained, and experienced multidisciplinary professionals and specialists who are involved in the quality implementation of project activities. We have a 3:1 student-teacher ratio.

​ UDAI`s future goal is to expand vocational courses as per the needs and capabilities of our young adults. We would also extend our services to children and young adults with special needs belonging to EWS (Economically weaker section) and underprivileged.


Ms. Tanu Rajput, the Founder Trustee of UDAI Charitable Trust has done M.A. in Psychology and B.Ed. in Special Education with specialization in D.Ed. (MR), (ASD) and (LD). She is also certified with Indian Sign Language, Guidance & Counseling and has great command in dealing with various disabilities. With her knowledge acquired and excellence, she has been working for the children and young adults with special needs and their families, for more than a decade.

After completing education, she started working with persons with special needs for few years on one on one basis, providing special education. But then realized that there is a need for diverse services like Occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other related services for a greater positive impact. This motivated Ms. Tanu for establishing UDAI to cater all required rehabilitation services under one roof to children and young adults with special needs so that they develop, participate and become self-reliant.

Her aim is to bring the children and young adults with special needs at par with the rest of the world. She is always motivated to work with them and their families, in a way that makes their lives considerably better and worth living.

She also contributes as a Guest Faculty in teaching special education curriculum at Institutions such as Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust and Mano Vikas Charitable Society which works for persons with special needs.

On March 8th, 2019, on the occasion of International Women's Day, Ms. Tanu has been honored and awarded the “Women Achiever Award” by Dr. Udit Raj, at the Freedom Awards ’19 for her active involvement and participation in humanitarian services and social upliftment.

Currently, Ms. Tanu is working on social issues faced by Special Needs Individuals like Inclusive classroom setups in Mainstream Schools, Inclusion at the workplace, Vocational training for making the persons with Special Needs, self- employment readiness. Taking an edge on promoting the talents, skills & products made by the young adults with special needs, through awareness events & social platforms.

Future plans are - organizing and conducting various awareness camps for the Economically Weaker Section of the society on the varied topics – “diagnosis, apprehensions, realizations & therapeutics” of various disabilities.